If you're ten years old and you're seeing this... it's exactly as cool as you think it is.

We were promised flying cars and space vacations, but we'll settle for this Intergalactic Space Coat of Light and Wonder. It's more than just an illuminated hoodie, it's a catalyst of experiences.

Our illuminated hoodie is woven with over a half a mile of fiber optics, glows in four colors, and has four different lighting modes (strobe, smooth, flash, and fade).

Wirelessly controlled from 25-feet away with its included remote, this glowing garment is a curious conversational tool. Hand off your remote to a stranger you fancy and ask, "could you please press one of these buttons?" Intrigued by your request, they'll oblige and you'll illuminate (we recommend following with a glowing smile as lines like "you light me up" prompt eye rolling).

You can glow all night. Powered by its rechargeable battery, quietly tucked in an interior pocket, the hoodie will glow for 4-6 hours before needing juice and charges through micro-USB.

By batching orders with our manufacturer, Shit that Glows is able to deliver the best value to our community. Payment is collected upon purchase and is fully refundable prior to shipping.

Estimated ship date is May 14, 2017.

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