Amorphous Alien Mask | Shape Changing LED Helmet

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"All this love I felt for you. Has gone away to another place."

Breakups suck. Whether you've spent years, months, or weeks investing your light into your partner; losing them is like losing a piece of yourself. Especially when they take your dog and/or your dish towels, because one of those was on sale and the other had a youtube channel.

When the time comes to say you're through—as the darkness falls and day turns to night—you must discover new light. Shine bright little star for you will make it through.

"I said goodbye to the world I knew. And took off into inner space."

The chilling lyrics within Jamiroquai's 'Automation' illuminates this pain. Instead of succumbing to the dark, he created new light. Featured within his music video (below), he depicts the curious exploration of himself and his environment through his Amorphous Alien Mask. 

While the catalyst for this glowing creation was somber, it doesn't mean we at Shit that Glows can't 3D print a few of them to rock on the Playa at Burning Man. Let's make CGI come to life.