Ewya Wood Unobtanium Upcycled Glowing LED Coffee Table


Destroyed by humans in their failed attempt to colonize Pandora, Tree of Voices—otherwise known by the name Ewya—was a beloved spiritual icon of the Na'vi who are native to the lush moon. 

Enriched by the unobtanium abundant within the grounds below this sacred space, the blue/green glow of Ewya's canopy was described as a "place for prayers to be heard... and sometimes answered." Fallen, but never forgotten, the Na'vi people—resilient and resourceful—have repurposed the glowing substrate of the mystical being into illuminated furniture.

The bright light that has led the Na'vi for centuries will now softly glow within your living room as it elevates your feet during your next Netflix binge. We recommend James Cameron's Avatar.