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Glowing Orbeez Crystal Balls: Easy Cleanup Kids Activity


You’re at home, perusing your Pinterest boards, full of magnificent crafts and good intentions. You sigh, and glance at the small humans you created, faces aglow from their iPad screens. If only there was a way to engage your kids’ creativity without a trip to the craft store, an overstimulated toddler meltdown, and the dreaded post-project wreckage.

Enter, the best and brightest idea of your parental existence: Glowing Crystal (Squishy) Balls.

Watch your little people go nuts as these dehydrated beads of confetti mutate and grow into colorful luminous squeeze balls of wonder with just a bit of H2O. Put them in trays of water and let the kids dig in, squeezing and squishing to their heart’s delight! This is a sensory activity that'll have them captivated for hours. <ake your kids day glow with these phosphorescent orbs.

Look at you, parenting the like a freaking champion. Capture a photo of your children, radiating with glee, and post that Shit that Glows in the comments below.

Source: MonsterKids