Novation Launchpad 8x8 Drum Pad With RGB Colored Pads


Quickly elevated to a level of ubiquity, the drum pad (aka 'Launchpad') has catalyzed significant evolution of electronic music. Used for sampling—taking a portion or sample of one recording and reusing it as an instrument in another—the launchpad is a tool of the mashup Gods.

Madeon used his Novation Launchpad to sample 39 of his favorite songs into the original work known as 'Pop Culture' and, at the age of 16, became an instant legend.

This Novation Launchpad has 64 RGB pads that illuminate to match the color of your clips. See at a glance what's loaded, playing, and recording with these bright, colorful pads. Stand out when you're on stage or just mashing buttons for the your next YouTube light show.

Watch the 'Ten Best Novation Launchpad Covers' and, at just $149, you'll start wondering if you've got the fast fingers to shine in the spotlight as you DJ your next party.