UFO Abduction Simulator | 1000W Drone Light


Practical jokes are a staple of the brightest friendships, but some pranks fly above the rest.

Perhaps your friends secretly told Alexa, "order luminous nipple clasps" at your last house party... maybe they reprogrammed the keyboard replacements on your iPhone to color you as a racist... true retribution will leave them cowering in fear for decades to come.

Payback's a bitch... especially when the target is led to believe anal probing is involved.

The UFO Abduction Simulator is a purpose built drone designed to carry the monstrous 1000W LED spotlight to deliver the most convincing of abductions. Powered by the Freefly Alta drone, this simulator also features ultra bright, programmable navigation LEDs that enable you to customize your friend's abduction experience.

Builder: Danielriley_
Source: rctestflight